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December 2019

Nir Rosen

Membre de la fondation New America et auteur de “In the Belly of the Green Bird : The Triumph of the Martyrs in Iraq”. Il écrit un livre sur la bataille de Aita al Shaab.

Articles de cet auteur

  • Gaza: the logic of colonial power

    Sunday 4 January 2009
    As so often, the term ’terrorism’ has proved a rhetorical smokescreen under cover of which the strong crush the weak. I have spent most of the Bush administration’s tenure reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia and other conflicts. I have been published by most major publications. I have been interviewed by most major networks and I have even testified before the senate foreign relations committee. The Bush administration began its tenure with Palestinians being massacred and it (...) continue continue
  • Hizb Allah, Party of God

    Tuesday 3 October 2006
    In the wake of Israel’s 33-day war with Hizballah, the 24-year-old Islamic movement has become the most popular political party in the Middle East. Here’s why that shouldn’t worry us. Over 1 million Lebanese gathered in a vast square in a southern Beirut suburb on Sept. 22 to celebrate their country’s largely successful campaign against Israel. Seyid Hassan Nasrallah, secretary-general of Hizballah, risked his life by appearing in public after Israeli leaders had sworn to kill him, and spoke (...) continue continue

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