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December 2019

As’ad AbuKhalil

Voir en ligne : Agence de presse de l’Arabe en Colère.
Professeur de science politique à l’Université de Californie et fondateur de l’agence de presse de l’Arabe en Colère.

Articles de cet auteur

  • George Habash’s contribution to the Palestinian Struggle

    Saturday 2 February 2008
    I lived more than half of my life in the US and I never felt the alienation that I felt on the day I read George Habash, the Palestinian revolutionary who passed away last week, labeled as a "terrorism tactician" in a front page obituary in The New York Times. What do you do when they want to convince you that a kind and gentle man you met and respected as a person is a terrorist when you know otherwise? Do you quibble with their definitions to no avail? Do you go back and see how they (...) continue continue

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