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Statement of purpose

Thursday 10 ذو القعدة 1427

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For decades, the Middle East has been stuck in a seemingly inexorable
spiral of violence; yet, well-informed observers would argue that
justice and its corolaries- peace, regional development and the
fulfilling of the people there- may indeed be attainable in the
forseeable future. The primary element to that effect arises with the
most powerful actor involved - the State of Israel and its American
godfather- recognising the condition endured by the people of Palestine
as the principal root of evil in this sorry state of affairs : a people
stripped of both its land and sovereignty, a people forced into exile
and continually submitted to the unleashing of blind and brutal violence.

The State of Israel is rushing headlong into disarray as it lives
according to the dogma that it may only survive in the body to which it
was grafted through the daily assertion of its supremacy, by the sheer
force of dollars and deployment of American technology.
Its monolithical vision and biased take on reality are further
exacerbated to the point of gridlock by the general tendency of the
western medias to give the state of Israel favourable –if
over-simplified- consideration.

In contrast, the Arab camp is readily demonized, the more so given the
present international context, triggered as it were by the 911
shockwave. Truncated and distorted, the West’s outlook on the Middle
Eastern crisis is made even more harrowing by the crafty orchestration
of the clash of civilization, courtesy of the neoconservatives currently
in power in the U.S.

And yet the disproportionate use of force by Israel is the object of
growing criticism, while the persistent violation of the rights of both
Palestinians and Arabs is the cause of increasing concern.

It is our firm belief in the above which has prompted us to launch
Middle East Watch, in the endeavour to enhance collected contributions
of a lucid nature, which we feel might allow for a juster understanding
of the conflict, in the hope of building the foundations for an
equitable and beneficial outcome, for the different peoples of the region.

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