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  • Obama’s Cave-In To Israel

    4 octobre 2010, par Jonathan Cook
    The disclosure of the details of a letter reportedly sent by President Barack Obama last week to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, will cause Palestinians to be even more sceptical about US and Israeli roles in the current peace talks. According to the leak, Obama made a series of extraordinarily generous offers to Israel, many of them at the expense of the Palestinians, in return for a single minor concession from Netanyahu : a two-month extension of the partial feeze on (...) suite suite
  • Carter: Israel Must Halt Settlements

    4 October 2010, by David Morgan
    Success in securing peace in the Middle East is contingent upon Israel ending settlement construction that is claimed by Palestinians, former President Jimmy Carter said today. "The key thing is for Israel to give up its ambition to occupy and control Palestine," Mr. Carter said on CBS’ "The Early Show." "As long as they are still building Israeli homes in Palestine, against the wishes of the Palestinian people, that makes it very difficult for the Palestinians or the Arab world to comply (...) continue continue
  • Gaza flotilla attack: UN report condemns Israeli ’brutality’

    22 September 2010, by Haroon Siddique
    A UN-appointed panel said today that Israeli forces violated international law, "including international humanitarian and human rights law", during and after their lethal attack on a flotilla of ships attempting to break the blockade of Gaza in May. The UN Human Rights Council’s fact-finding mission judged Israel’s naval blockade of the Palestinian territory to be "unlawful" because there was a humanitarian crisis in Gaza at the time. The panel’s report, published today, described Israel’s (...) continue continue
  • An Al Quds day letter to Tony Blair. From Lauren Booth, in Iran.

    3 September 2010, by Lauren Booth
    Dear Tony, Congratulations on your political memoir becoming an instant bestseller. I’m in Iran and have the only copy in the country. I can tell you, it’s so fiercely fought over, it’s worth its weight in WMD’s. Note to Random House; have ’A Journey’ translated into Farsi and Arabic ASAP, it’ll fly off the shelves in this part of the world. Tony, yesterday I went to Al Quds day protest in Tehran . You may have heard of it? It’s the rally where Iranians gather to protest against Israel ’s illegal (...) continue continue
  • Damage Control

    7 September 2010, by Uri Avnery
    A DUTCH journalist asked me last Wednesday to try and divine the thoughts of Binyamin Netanyahu on his way to Washington. It seems that she was satisfied with the results, because she asked me to divine the thoughts of Mahmoud Abbas, too. She must have liked that as well, because then she asked me to do the same for Barack Obama. Here, then, is what I told her: * * * NETANYAHU’S THOUGHTS on the way to Washington: The main thing is to minimize the damage. Just now, someone asked me how (...) continue continue
  • Obama’s friend raising funds for new Gaza aid ship

    25 July 2010, by Natasha Mozgovaya
    A fundraising campaign is currently underway in the United States to finance the purchase of an American ship in an effort to break the Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip in the early autumn. The ship is to be named after U.S. President Barack Obama’s book "The Audacity of Hope." If that isn’t enough to stir the ghosts of the 2008 American presidential election, one of the prominent figures to support the initiative is Columbia University history professor Rashid Khalidi, a well-known (...) continue continue
  • Fear Not

    by Israel Shamir
    1. Crying Wolf So many people have circulated so many warnings of the forthcoming US-Israeli attack on Iran that it is hard to ignore them. A piece written by a few ex-spooks warning of a new round of war is one of these messages. In our view, spooks, ex or not, are not the most reliable people, and the CIA is not the best reference. However, this item fits with the dire predictions and accompanying Israeli U-boats to the shores of Iran. Rumours of Israeli advance forces being placed in (...) continue continue
  • On the Flotilla Ship, the German Foreign Ministry, British Counsel, Helen Thomas and Normalization

    by Adel Samara
    The end of May and the beginning of June 2010 witnessed hot events regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. Definitely those events were not deliberately planned to take place at the 43rd anniversary of the 5 June occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip, although they are related to it. In this context it might be useful to make a comparison between the people who stood behind those events, especially non-Arabs, i.e. Germans, Americans and British. History did not start in 1967! Before (...) continue continue
  • Israel’s Freedom Flotilla Massacre underlines the urgency of intensifying BDS

    14 June 2010,
    Occupied Palestine, 08 June 2010 — In light of Israel’s massacre of humanitarian relief workers and activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla on 31 May 2010 and its insistence to continue its illegal siege on Gaza, pressuring Israel to comply with its obligations under international law has become of undeniable urgency. Drunk with power and impunity, Israel has ignored recent appeals by the UN Secretary General as well as a near consensus among world governments to end its deadly siege, putting (...) continue continue
  • B’tselem: Gaza, 95% of factories are closed, 93% of water is polluted

    14 June 2010, by Haitham Sabbah
    Most of Gaza’s factories have closed and its water is polluted as a result of Israel’s siege policy, according to a new report being released today by the Israeli Human Rights group – B’tselem. The siege policy has "led to economic collapse in Gaza," B’tselem noted in a 44-page report (PDF) that looked at Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem during the period from January 2009 to the end of April 2010. Following is a summery of this report: * The prohibition on bringing in raw materials (...) continue continue

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